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Calculating Risk

Who is at risk of developing AMD?

Sightrisk AMD Calculator

The Sightrisk AMD Calculator calculates an individual's predicted risk of developing visually consequential AMD in later life, based on the known and established risk factors for this eye disease. The Calculator assesses the patient's risk based on their ocular and non-ocular risk factors, and generates a predicted percentage risk from age 55 to 100 as a line graph. This consultation with the eyecare professional or optometric assistant typically takes under 10 minutes. 

Because it is an online tool, the results are generated immediately. Based on the risk factors entered into the Calculator, the results are specific to each individual, and a personalised prevention strategy is provided to help the patient actively reduce their risk in a timely manner. AMD is an age-related disease, but its causes are cumulative. How we live now can affect our risk in later life. The information inputted online into the Sightrisk AMD Calculator generates an evidence-based predicted risk as a percentage. Using this percentage as a guide, the healthcare professional will be in a position to recommend a personalized managementplan that will reduce the patient’s risk of suffering from AMD at a later date.