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The Sightrisk Calculators assess an individual's risk of developing age-related eye diseases: age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataract, and help those individuals reduce their risk.

What are the Sightrisk Calculators?

The Sightrisk Calculators were developed following a detailed review of the scientific literature. The results are displayed in graphical format, showing the patient’s current percentage risk from age 55 to 100, and their potential risk after optimisation of modifiable risk factors. A list of these modifiable risk factors, tailored to the individual, is presented below the graph. This makes the end result particularly simple for the healthcare professional to discuss with the patient, and for the patient to clearly see the benefits and importance of improving their lifestyle in order to reduce their risk.

Future developments

The potential of Sightrisk lies in the mathematical model used to generate the results graph. This model can be applied to any age-related condition, and so this will facilitate rapid and simple development of additional analytical tools for other diseases, not limited to eye conditions, for example osteoporosis or diabetes.